Translator Project

The TED Open Translation Project (now: Translator Project) is a global volunteer effort that was launched in 2009 with one mission: to subtitle talks to enable the bold and inspiring ideas in them to cross language barriers and spread around the globe. Since then more than 30,000 people have transcribed and translated TED talks into 135 languages. TEDx talks with transcriptions and translations rank higher in search engines get more views and reach a wider audience.

Help Spread TEDxZaragoza talks around the globe!

TEDxZaragoza we’ll be taking on a new challenge: to transcribe and translate our entire catalog of talks!

TEDxZaragoza will be an amazing live experience, but it won’t stop there. Each talk will be recorded, published online and spread around the globe. But to have the biggest impact, we need to reach the widest possible audience, including non-English speakers and the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. That’s where the TED Translation Project comes in.

At TEDxZaragoza, we want to show the world that Aragón’s ideas matter and can aim to set a precedent for other TEDx events. What would happen if we transcribed every single one of our talks? How far would our ideas spread around the globe? The first step is to transcribe all of our talks into Spanish/English. Once a talk has an approved Spanish/ English transcription, it becomes available for translation into 135 languages. From there, the sky is the limit.

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