Edouard Jacqmin


The talk is now available/¡La charla ya está disponible!

Edouard, 24, is a composer, a songwriter and a producer from Belgium. He graduated from the Middlesex University of London in music composition in 2015 and over the past year and a half he has been releasing music and gigging.

In June 2016 he took his guitar on his back and went on a 21 days moneyless journey across Eastern Europe. Through hitchhiking and asking random people in the street «Hello, can I sleep at your place tonight?» he managed to travel in 5 different countries without spending a cent.

It is during this trip that he wrote his first EP ‘Happily’, released in November 2016. The EP contains the 4 songs he wrote in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary.

He lives in Brussels and is currently working on his first album.